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About us

What is My Living Will

My Living Will is a specialist information service, hosted by Age UK Camden (registered charity no: 293446). My Living Will helps individuals and professionals understand the choices that there are and to make decisions about the care they wish to have towards the end of their life. Our website provides an easy way for people to access this information so that they are informed and can take control over their lives.

Who's behind the website

My Living Will started as an independent charity and merged with Age UK Camden in March 2021. Age UK Camden is an independent local charity supporting older people in the London borough of Camden. Becoming part of Age UK Camden enables My Living Will to maintain its specialism whilst also being part of a wider portfolio of services with the advantages that economy of scale brings. The merge also gives Age UK Camden greater in-house expertise on this important area of care, making a bigger difference for the Camden residents the charity exists to look after.

A diverse group of senior healthcare professionals, senior lawyers and an ethicist continue to oversee the information available on the My Living Will website.

A firm of solicitors, Bates Wells and Braithwaite, as well as a senior member of the Court of Protection have also reviewed the website to ensure it conforms to the Mental Capacity Act (2005) both in detail and in spirit.

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