Plan now for choice & control at the end of life
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Why make an Advance Decision

Benefit of an Advance Decision

 Your wishes will be respected and followed

An Advance Decision has the same effect as if you were making the decision at the time of the treatment. Doctors and healthcare professionals caring for you must respect your wishes, even when you are not able to participate in decisions about treatments.

Plan for a time when you might be unable to make decisions

Your ability to make decisions may be lost slowly over time, for example in people with dementia, or very quickly, for example if you suffer a stroke, other brain injury, or are in a coma.

If you are a patient living with a terminal illness (such as cancer, liver or kidney failure, chronic chest or heart disease or progressive neurological conditions including multiple sclerosis or motor neurone disease) you may currently be able to make your own decisions about your care. However, a time might come in your life when your condition deteriorates to the degree that explaining your wishes is too difficult or too stressful. An Advance Decision will make clear any treatments you do not want to receive.



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