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Your Advance Decision in context of your personal situation

Your Advance Statement of your preferences and wishes will ensure health care professionals understand your Advance Decision. Listed below are some example statements related to chronic illnesses.


Chronic chest disease

"My breathlessness is getting much worse. I have been admitted to hospital 6 times in the past year and every time the doctors take arterial blood samples. It is getting more difficult to find and artery and I find it most distressing. When I get the next chest infection, that will happen this winter, I would prefer to be left at home. However if I get admitted to hospital I will hope that I will be given oral antibiotics but no more active treatment.

Specific details of the treatments I wish to refuse are in my Advance Decision."


End stage cancer

This statement was made by a cancer patient who only had months to live.

“I want to be cared for and die at home. I am happy to receive oral antibiotics only if the doctor thought they would be helpful to alleviate my suffering. I do not want further life-prolonging measures and I definitely do not want to be resuscitated”.


If you wish to write and add your own statement to your Advance Statement, please select 'Add Statement' under 'My Cart'.

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