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Chronic illnesses - introduction

This section is only relevant for those living with a terminal illness.

Living with a terminal illness

If you are suffering from one or more terminal illnesses you are able to make your own decisions about your care and can refuse any treatment that is offered to you. During the later stages of the illness/es, acute episodes may occur. During such an episode you might find it difficult to make decisions about your treatment.

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Personalising your Advance Statement

An Advance Decision must be clear and specific, yet you may wish to express a nuanced approach. An Advance Statement of your preferences and wishes will allow you to place your Advance Decision in context. For examples of how you might do this, see Advance Statement examples.

Types of terminal illness

Chronic illnesses that may lead to a terminal condition include:

Recovery from coma

If you fall into coma when suffering from a terminal illness, the chances of recovery from a coma may be small. This is likely towards the very end of your life when you will then lose the ability to make your own decisions. However, each person is unique and few people with a terminal illness end their lives in coma.

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