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Updating your Advance Decision

Review your Advance Decision regularly

Decisions made a long time ago might mean there are doubts when deciding whether an Advance Decision is still legal and applicable. Medical science is developing and new treatments may be available which were not when you made your Advance Decision, and which may change your views.

Reviewing your written Advance Decision regularly, means you are able to confirm your decisions and take into account any changes in your situation. This is especially important if you have an illness that gets worse over time. This means the Advance Decision is more likely to be considered valid if it needs to be used.

How to update your Advance Decision

You can update your Advance Decision at any time. If you make small changes, mark the change with the date, your signature, and a witness signature for each update. If you need to change a large amount of information, then you should consider writing a new Advance Decision. Where possible, tell anybody who knew about the Advance Decision that it has been updated.

How to revoke your Advance Decision

You can also cancel or 'revoke' your Advance Decision at any time either by writing on your Advance Decision that it is cancelled or verbally. If done verbally, this decision to cancel should be shared with family, friends and your GP as well as any other health professional involved in your care.

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