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Legal requirements and validity

Creating a valid Advance Decision

If an Advance Decision is validly made, healthcare professionals must do what it says. This website will ensure that you meet the required conditions, which are:

Required legal status

Under the Mental Capacity Act 2005, the law assumes that you are able to make decisions for yourself, unless it can be proven otherwise.You can only make an Advance Decision if:

When an Advance Decision applies

Your Advance Decision will only apply if:

It is recommended that you review your written Advance Decision regularly in order to confirm your decisions and take into account any changes in your situation. This is especially important if you have an illness that gets worse over time. See Updating your Advance Decision for further information.

Relationship between a LPA for Health and Welfare and an Advance Decision

There is a well-defined relationship between an Advance Decision and a LPA for Health and Welfare. If you choose to make both an Advance Decision and a LPA for Health and Welfare, the order in which they are made is important:

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