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Dementia - introduction

Loss of ability to make decisions

If you are living with dementia, you are very likely to lose the ability to make decisions about your health in the later stages. You may be anxious that in the future you may be living with dementia.

As the future is uncertain, you could name someone close to you (called a 'key person') who, after talking to health care professionals and carers, can agree that you can no longer make your own decisions about your health. The person/s you choose will not be able to make formal decisions about your care or the treatment you receive, they will simply be part of the discussion with your health care professionals and carers.

How to enable people to make decisions on your behalf

If you want the named person/s to be able to make decisions on your behalf, you will need to create a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) for Health and Welfare and name them as your 'attorney/s'. You will be given the opportunity to name your attorney/s when finalising your Advance Decision created through this website.

Using this website to create a comprehensive Advance Decision

For an Advance Decision to be comprehensive, you are advised to work through all the sub-menus under 'Guide to illnesses' for each illness.

When choosing which treatments you do not wish to receive, you will not be able to change the wording as this website has tried to ensure that there are no contradictions or ambiguities that could invalidate the Advance Decision.

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